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With the intention of eventually joining friends at a salsa club I went into the Arthur Murray Yorkville dance studio very, very nervous but hopeful that they could teach even me how to salsa.

I hear others speak of it but it’s been a long time since something in my life elicited both the words joy and gratitude. The Arthur Murray Yorkville dance studio has done just that.  Joy in how I feel every day looking forward to and then attending a class with my fellow students. Gratitude that the teachers are kind, patient, professional, motivating and so very talented. Every lesson is personalized just for me.

I can’t remember a time when I’ve felt so positive about an experience and laughed so much and so often.

I not only can salsa, but I can cha cha, rumba, waltz, and tango too!

With all my heart, Thank you Arthur Murray dance studios.

– Lara C.

I can remember it all so vividly now, my first ever Arthur Murray lesson 2 plus years ago.  My feeling was that the worst case scenario was wasting 30 minutes of my life, $10 and making a fool of myself. Could i have been more wildly off base?  By the time we were finished the first long wall of our foxtrot I was hooked on dancing in my first lesson. It has opened up a new world for me as I have made many friends and gained a sense of poise, confidence and assurance, that  hitherto did not exist. It has broadened my life, and enriched it  more than anything else I’ve ever tried. Whatever time, energy, money is spent should be divided by 24 because every hour of my day (yes even while sleeping!) is better off since I started taking lessons and dancing.
An enormous amount of the credit must go to the teachers at the Arthur Murray studio who must wear many hats as they instruct their students. Dance teachers is just the opening salvo for what they are and what they do. They must be one part therapist, challenging us continually out of our comfort zones, another part cheerleaders to encourage us when things are going well (as they sometimes do!).  In my own case I feel that lightning struck twice because I was given two wonderful teachers.
It has been thrilling for me to turn something that had been such a fearful activity, one I was lousy at, into such a strength. I can go out to a  dance club and dance with many different people I have never met before in a variety of styles (types). While it is a mystery why I never cottoned onto dancing earlier in my life given my love of music and physical activity  I have made up for it with all the enthusiasm I have, that has not diminished at all.  Nor do I intend to stop dancing ever (well at least while I am above ground).
And lastly the other students at the Arthur Murray studio are welcoming, helpful and collegial.  Even though the students are at a variety of levels, some having been dancing longer than others, there is no hierarchy whatsoever. Everyone is united by a common thread,  a  love of what we call dance.
– Tony M.

Arthur Murray Yorkville is such a great place to learn to dance.  I have been to numerous studios before and to different dance classes and I have never found a place that made me feel as welcome as Arthur Murray Yorkville.  The teachers and all the staff are so friendly and welcoming every time I walk through the door.  The teachers are all excellent and extremely experienced and tailor my lessons to my specific needs and even as those needs change, they will adapt the lessons to suit me.  I have had the opportunity to have lessons with both the female and male teachers. As a female student I have benefited greatly from lessons with the female teachers focusing on unique styling for ladies which has really added to my dancing and overall learning experience.

At the all level group classes beginners and more experienced dancers can get together and learn at the same pace without feeling left behind or pulled ahead.  The group classes are also the perfect opportunity to dance with lots of different people at different levels and I find that learning to follow different people has really helped improve my dancing.

The teachers and staff at Arthur Murray Yorkville treat everyone with the utmost respect and give everyone a wealth of self-esteem to continue in their dancing and in every day life.  My self-esteem and general positivity and outlook have improved significantly since I started dancing at Arthur Murray Yorkville over two years ago.  It has also been a fantastic stress relief for me after spending all day in a busy office environment. I always look forward to going to dance after work and it’s a great way to end each day.
No matter what level of dancing you are at, whether you have danced before or are a complete beginner, they will welcome you with open arms.

– Maya E.

Arthur Murray classes, parties and special events are special "date nights" for us. In our busy lives with careers and growing family it is hard to carve out time to do something together.. this has been a perfect solution and it keeps our maturing brains and bodies youthful. Now whenever we go to weddings or social events we can wow our friends with some expert footwork! The instructors are wonderful teachers and amazing dancers. The atmosphere is always fun and welcoming. We highly recommend it!

- Dave & Sue

I started Zumba skeptical about the intensity and how hard the moves were going to be!! It has proven to be a fantastic work-out - while having an absolute blast!! I love it and hate to miss a class!

- Joanne Cronin

Now that was a blast. I haven't seen 50+ people smile that much since the Leafs last won the cup (yes, that long ago). And while I'm not yet cha-cha-cha-ing back and forth to work every day, Cynthia will be pleased to know I do remember my basic waltz steps. THANK YOU.

- Gary

Upon entering the Toronto dance studio I was filled with apprehension and trepidation, wondering what "this" world was all about. While waiting for my instructor on the first visit, I noticed the action that was occurring on the dance floor. Being a dyed-in-the-wool teacher I could see that good instruction was happening ... I knew in an instant this was going to be a brand new, great experience and I have not been disappointed.

- Dr. Charlotte

- Antonio & CristinaWe would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the both of you, for helping to make our wedding so special. Your enthusiasm & dedication allowed us to make our first dance so amazing!

- Antonio & Cristina

- Adam Lind of the Toronto Blue JaysI had a great time learning to dance and spending time with my fiance. It was much easier than I thought, and it was actually a great stress reliever despite the chaos of planning the big day!

- Adam Lind of the Toronto Blue Jays

- Loarn & Lisa, NewlywedsA special thank you for choreographing our amazing wedding dance! Everyone was really impressed by it and we have you to thank for that!

- Loarn & Lisa, Newlyweds

Being a student at Arthur Murray has been such an enjoyable experience!  I love ballroom and latin dancing!

- Nipa

...this is one of the best investments that I have ever made. With the stress in our lives it has been a joy to go to Arthur Murray to take our lessons, get in on occasional groups and you know that there is almost always a Friday night party. Another joy is to do something like this together. Raising the kids I was always involved with the boys in church activities and scouting -- time with my wife was quality time but not quantity. This now is an opportunity to do something not only together but fun.

- Scott & Laura

Thanks to Arthur Murray I have a new focus in my life, which includes traveling to new places, dancing with friends, and becoming a confident social and competitive dancer. Thanks to Arthur Murray, I have excellent instructors who have shared their skill and talent with me and encouraged me throughout their endeavors. For that, I can't say thank you enough.

- Cathy

- Sabrina & ScottOur sincerest thanks for all your help & patience in choreographing a beautiful dance for our wedding. We appreciate all your dedication in making sure our dance was perfect! Our guests were very impressed & complimented us all night. It was truly a magical moment & added a special touch to the evening!

- Sabrina & Scott

A special thank-you to all who co-ordinated our wonderful first dance as husband and wife. Thank you for the countless hours you put into making the dance perfect. We had a great time learning not only the choreography for our dance but also other types of dancing. We were a hit on the dance floor. We had endless compliments on our dancing. Thank you!

- Loredana & Daniel

- Saveria & FrankThank you both so much for all your support and patience. Our dance routine and performance that night was a great success! Thanks again for helping us create such a hit at our wedding!

- Saveria & Frank




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